The Importance of Proper Hair Extension Maintenance

The Importance of Proper Hair Extension Maintenance

Our hair is the first thing people see when they are glancing at you.

You spend a lot of money on your hair and proper hair maintenance, especially when you are investing in hair extensions it is important.

Once you have your beautiful hair extensions you want to keep them as beautiful and healthy as possible for the longest time. This is accomplished by being educated on the proper way to maintain your hair.

  1. Proper brushing- Extensions can be as resilient as your own hair if applied properly, proper brushing is important to maintain that first day out of the salon look.
  2. Proper Shampooing techniques are also a must for shiny healthy locks.
  3. Separating extensions every two months of wearing prevents dreading. Normal hair sheds continuously as part of the natural hair follicle cycle and those shedding hair get trapped in the bonds and can cause a dreadlocks look if not separated correctly.
  4. A must is using high quality hair, which helps keep your own hair healthy,

At Mega Hair Elite, Susan D’antona not only uses the highest quality of hair available in the market, she also helps you thought the process of maintaining and keeping that hair healthy. She stays with you for the whole experience. When you first get your extensions she offers free monthly maintenance because the best clients are the educated clients. Call to schedule your free consultation today: 617-389-1900.

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