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Welcome to the Mega Hair Elite Studio specializing in state-of-the-art human hair extensions in Boston, the latest in hair straightening using the CHI Straightening, Brazilian hair straightening, and the Japanese transformation systems. We're a full-service salon in Boston featuring ‘a day of beauty’ and the ability to do ‘extreme makeovers.’ Mega Hair Elite, known for ‘The Hair Extension System’ offers certified platform artists to give you the very best services available, as well as training in how to do hair extensions – the best kept secrets of hair extensions application and design.

Mega Hair Elite began in 1992 and is the only certified, trained hair extensions salon in Boston, owned and operated by Susan D’Antona.

Our Story

Meet Susan D'Antona


Susan specializes in hair extensions from Sacramento California. Women like Linda Evans and Julia Roberts have worn the mega system. Our salons are nationwide. We started the entertainers' network. People in Hollywood were the only ones who knew this secret. Soon Susan was chosen to be the Boston connection and if a client was in Boston they would come to Mega Hair Elite.

Susan specializes in hair extensions and hair integration. She studied and worked with Salvatore Megna, one of the genius inventors of mega hair ext

Susan has appeared on the Chronicle Channel 7 morning show and Channel 5 where she made up a staff member featured in the Boston Globe and captured the attention of Vogue Magazine and the New York Times in 1997. She did platform work in New York’s Javits Center. Her education is far more advanced than anyone else in this industry.

She also works with women and men with hair loss problems and individuals who need wigs. These are the most advanced wigs today. They're lightweight, and they look and feel natural and stay on with no glues. This special material adheres to the skin.

Mega Hair Elite has many services — eye lash extensions, makeup, waxing, skin care, and we offer packages for special occasions. We love our customers and are trained and certified to meet any hair challenge. Your hair happiness is our greatest success.

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