Hair loss in Women

There are many reasons for hair loss in women: thyroid problems, nutrition, stress, heredity, cancer treatments, health problems and more. When noticing hair loss it is important to visit your doctor to determine the cause for the loss of hair. There might be a temporary hair loss or a more permanent one. To keep you looking at your best you can take steps to fix the problem. One of these step is having hair integration performed- which does not damage your natural hair and lets your own hair grow while looking your best.

There is also Wig Prosthesis which is made to adhere to the skin on your scalp. They only weigh 3oz – which makes them light (non-bulky), itch free and cool. You will only experience comfort with these wigs. You can be more active with a Wig Prosthesis. You will not have to worry about it coming off. We at Mega Hair Elite help you achieve your desired look- inside and out.

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